Marketing Portal.

No matter if it is a microsite, landing page or comprehensive brand platform — we will use the latest web technologies to implement digital forms of communication which will wow your actual and potential customers. Use our cutting-edge marketing portal as your digital speedboat to effectively reach your relevant target groups and capture new markets.

Marketing Automation.

Get to know your customers. Use behavior-based learning to continuously update your knowledge about your current and potential customers. The data which is relevant to understand digital behavior of clients is collected on your microsite. Lead scoring ranks each visitor how much potential he or she might have for your company.

E-Mail Automation.

The right message at the right time. Use the knowledge gained about current and prospective customers to launch intelligent, multistage e-mail marketing campaigns. Our priority is to achieve a maximum level of customized communication with your target group to achieve a good response rate with a high level of conversion.

Lead Management.

We support and guide you through all phases of the lead life cycle. Our lead management solution provides you with all relevant information about companies, customers and interested parties in a focused and clear manner. Leads are forwarded to sales managers or business partners in a safe way and you will always have full control over the entire process.


Performance overview at all times. Key figures and KPIs are visually edited and transformed into analytics dashboards – almost in real time. Data from different sources (marketing automation, Google Analytics etc.) are displayed in graphs and tables.

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